Cowlony mint day information

Official mint webpage ( ) Please double-check the domain name before you mint!

The official mint day is going to start on the 22nd of Jun (Wednesday) at 16:00 (UTC)

Supply information

Total supply: 4998
Supply for minters: 4848
Cowlony treasure: 150 (raffle, airdrop, collaborations, team, freelist)


  • Freelist: 0.00 ETH
  • Allowlist: 0.02 ETH
  • Public sale: 0.04 ETH

Mint phases

Datetime: 22nd of Jun 16:00 (UTC) — 17:00 (UTC) (1hour)
Members: Who registered on our PREMINT allowlist page
Premint allowlist Link:

Datetime: 22th of Jun 17:00 (UTC) — 24th of Jun17:00 (UTC) (48hours)
Members: Anyone

Phase 2: FREELIST:
Datetime: 24th of Jun 17:00 (UTC) — 21:00 (UTC) (4hours)
Members: who have Freelist role and submitted their wallets on Freelist premint page. (wallet submission later)

Phase 4: BURN:
After the mint phases, we will burn the rest. We are expecting not to reach this state (in case of a sold-out), but we wanted to add one more safety guard for our early minters.



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The 4998 generated and unique cows live on the Ethereum blockchain.