About the cowlony team

About the team

I (Syngabor) would like to share some details about how this team “was born” and how we met. Kunec and Syngabor (yes, that’s me) are brothers. Kunec and Mr.M have been best friends since kindergarten.

It was during college that Istvan_Cs and I met Jomby, in fact in a pub, near the university and 3 months later we became colleagues. The three of us worked together for several years for a small IT company as developers in a team and Kunec joined this team a bit later. Unfortunately, all of us left this company and then we worked for different firms, but we remained friends. 3 years later I went to work for a multinational company and that was when Tamas_Sz came into the picture. We work in the same team.

When the idea crossed my mind to establish an NFT project to go to the Moon, it was logical that I recruited the gentlemen mentioned above.

That’s our team history — the short version about the cow-founders.


I am Syngabor and I am 33 years old. I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science. My first experience with a computer was in my childhood. After my secondary school, I launched a game server provider when I was 18 years old. It was fun because I bought my first server with my best friend who was the “investor”. Can you imagine an 18 year old village boy who carries this server from the railway station to the server hotel through the big city of Budapest on his own? It was me. I led this GSP for six years. I learned a lot about how to lead a company and a team. There were many key moments, for example, we hosted Counter-Strike 1.6 and Call of Duty servers for the Hungarian National Team. In the best period, it had 17 physical machines which were hosted in Frankfurt and Budapest and more than 400 customers. After six years I sold this company and I am really proud that it is still working. I started to work for a small IT company as a software developer. We developed many projects such as an intelligent railway station, digital control systems, a cost calculator for shipping and many other things. Besides my official job, I started to discover crypto and forex trading. I developed many forex robots and played with them a lot. I tried to trade at the Chicago Stock Exchange. My thesis at the university was a fully automatic news trading robot. Then I moved to Budapest to work for a bigger company where I could learn new things and discover new domains for myself. It was 3 years and I was a lead software developer for the last half a year. After that I got a job with a multinational IT company two and a half years ago as a software engineer and I joined a team that works on a video streaming platform. The video streaming platform handles live events (video streams) with many features for over one million viewers. I jumped into crypto trading again more than half a year ago to play with web3 and learn about new things as a developer. And then it happened that I decided to create an interesting story about Cowlony and I invited my friends on this journey. My hobbies are playing computer games, coding and figuring out new things while walking.


My name is Kunec and I am one of the developers and cow-founder of Cowlony Team. While Martin works on the designs of our cows, I use these arts to generate the cows and maintain the code. I met him back in kindergarten, we have been friends for a long time, and it is still going strong. When we went to different High School, I thought we would never work together because he was studying architecture, while I started to learn coding. Fortunately we still had some common ground which was football. We were teammates for many years but while he loved it, for me it was a struggle.

I followed in my brother’s footsteps and went to the same university to study Computer Science and later I even completed my Master’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering. I was able to work while attending school and have 7 years work experience as a software engineer. I started my career at a small company as a web developer and worked on a few web pages. Here I had a great opportunity to work together with my Brother (SynGabor), Istvan Cserepes and Joo Balazs. Later my employer had an offer to me to work with AI in Industry 4.0. My team worked on various AI projects for 5 years and other Industry 4.0 automatization projects.

After graduation I started to search for new opportunities, and found myself at a great company. Feels like it came from nowhere, because I am able to work on cutting edge telecommunication devices.

One day, my brother called me, and presented an idea about an NFT project. To be completely honest, I was skeptical at the beginning, but as he added more and more ideas I started to wonder, “this might be a great idea”. At first only three of us started to lay the foundation, but soon we realized that we need more people. That is when the idea came to our minds, and asked our ex- and new colleagues to work with us on this project.


istvan_cs , I qualified as a computer science engineer. I have been working as a software developer since 2011. I started with Android development first and after that I learned iOS development, too. I had many opportunities to take part in many different projects. I also deal with backend and frontend development in order to cover the whole process in a mobile project. The crypto world captivated me a few years ago — the part of trading at first. That’s why I started coding my own trading bot, and the operation of web3 and smart contracts is also impressive for me. I am currently involved in our Cowlony project in connection with these two topics.


The brush of the Cowlony. Art, design member of the team…and I’m the one, who is responsible for the humor. I’m from Hungary and I have a Master’s degree in Architecture. I’m addicted to this profession and working as an architect for a year in a small office. Making plans, visualizations, interior designs and some more design stuff.

I love new challenges. As an architect, the metaverse looks like a huge new layer with many opportunities. This art can be the first step to discover something new as an architect in this team. That’s why I rushed into this project. Making the art and contents for Cowlony.

I have some awards
National: several times architecture competition awarded and design awarded.
International: EXHALE Tote bag design competition winner.

Next to my work and this project, I’m a football player in Austria. I’ve been playing football since I was born. We are childhood friends with some of our co-founders and in the past we were teammates too.


My name is Jomby, I’m 35 years old and I’m from Hungary (and yes I am always hungry :)).

The love I have for computers developed in my early childhood, starting with a Commodore 64. I know, I am old :D. At that time, the computers served only for gaming.

I started getting to know programming in a high school of informatics, and later I continued my studies at a university.

During my university days, I started to work in a small company, where most of the Cow-founders met for the first time, such as István Cserepes, Gábor Horváth and later his brother Ádám also joined our team.

I got a Bachelor’s degree in software engineering, and have been working as a software engineer since 2013.

I have gained experience in several domains, such as public transport ticketing, VAT accounting, ERP systems etc. I am happy to get acquainted with all the new technologies, which is why I am studying more than during my university years (and that’s not the only reason :))

I also tried trading with crypto with more or less success, but I find it safer to invest my money and time in a project on my own.

That is one of the reasons I joined the Cowlony project, besides working and having fun with friends.

Mainly my tasks are backend related developments, but the use of other technologies are not far from me either. Right now my main interests are Web3 and IOT.

In my free time (if any besides Cowlony :D), I hang out with friends, watch series, movies, and play on my PS. Lately I started hiking, to let off some steam after long coding sessions, and also discover some gems of the world.


I have a master’s degree in computer science. For part of my studies, I played with neural networks and other ML models to predict stock prices, recognise the handwriting on postal packages, analyze and edit videos of League of Legends tournaments. In my daily job, I’m working on a video streaming product, handling input streams and distributing them with interactivity features as live events with 1M+ viewers. As part of my job we have complete ownership of our services, we are developing and shipping features and also providing long term support for them and assistance to clients during high profile events. I also have experience designing and maintaining systems with high concurrent usage, with live events we have to minimize latency and forward information to clients reliably. Now I’m trying to be part of this new world of web3 by creating real value and building a great community. My main responsibility at Cowlony is designing the smart contract to be secure, handling the minting process without a gas war and minimizing gas fees throughout the entire life cycle of the project. I’m far from being an artist but as a hobby, I like fooling around in Sketch drawing various sticker materials. When I’m not in front of a monitor coding or gaming, I also like traveling, hiking and flying with my drone.



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